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Exploring the Lung Cancer Weight Loss Reason & treatment

Dec 18,2023 | YILING

We explore the association of lung cancer weight loss in humans, why it happens, and how to counter it successfully. 



Cancer occurs when body cells multiply uncontrollably and spread out in our bodies. Even if cancer eventually spreads to other bodily sites, it is always named after the original site of the tumor. There are many types of cancers and most of them come with serious complications if not taken carefully. One of them is lung cancer that severely affects our body's respiratory system and other related body's natural working. In this article, we will explore the lung cancer weight loss association, why it happens, and how we can counter it in cancer patients by using diet changes and other ways.  


What is Lung Cancer?

As the name suggests, it is a cancer build-up in the lungs and is associated with symptoms of a persisting hard cough spitting blood along breathing difficulties. Patients also report chest aches, sibilant voice, loss of weight, and headaches. 


The chance of developing lung cancer is highest among smokers, yet nonsmokers can still develop the disease without any specific reason. But it should be noted here that the longer and more cigarettes you've smoked, the higher your chance of developing lung cancer, especially in your middle and older age.


Lung Cancer and Weight Loss:

Patients with lung cancer may lose weight inadvertently and can also get appetite loss before the weight starts decreasing. In medicine, lack of appetite or not feeling hungry is referred to as anorexia. This condition with weight loss is referred to as cachexia and both can worsen a patient's health and result in new problems. 


This weight loss happens because there is an increased tumor-mediated resting energy consumption in lung cancer patients. In essence, while their systems attempt to control their illness, those who have lung cancer use more energy when they are at rest. Weight loss results from a negative change in the body's energy balance caused by the additional strain of lung cancer and its therapies. This causes calorie deficit and results in weight loss. 


Unfortunately, both anorexia and cachexia affect almost half of cancer patients and makes their complication more serious to fight the illness of cancer. Moreover, both appetite and weight loss pose a significant negative influence on the quality of life of such patients. These symptoms are also linked to an increased risk of problems following surgery, decreased chemotherapy efficiency, and an increase in side effects.


Cachexia causes lung cancer patients to die more quickly than those who do not have it. Even in the early stages of the disease, before the cancer spreads, there can be fat wasting, which happens before muscle wasting. This is why it is extremely important to manage the weight of such patients with lung cancer.


Management of Lung Cancer Weight Loss:

In such a serious disease, the first thing you may want to do is to consult a professional for nutritional plans. When we say professional, it should be a dietitian who has certification in dealing with cancer diseases. The aim should be to maintain a healthy body weight throughout your diagnosis by creating a dietary plan with your nutritionist.


Also, to deal with weight loss, it is highly recommended to add calorie-dense additions to patient's meals. Calorie-wise, milk powder can increase without significantly changing flavor. Since this is a matter of calorie deficit in the body, you will be advised to eat any of your favorite foods as long as it has a high-calorie count. 


We also recommend incorporating Yangzheng xiaoji capsules into patients' eating plans as this pure Chinese medicine marvel can significantly help patients cope with such conditions. This medication comes with pretty strong scientific results backing its claim that it can help patients recover their appetite, diet, weight gain, and physical strength within one to two weeks. Not only this, but it also helps to entrap the original tumor site in the body and limits its spread. 



This article attempted lung cancer weight loss management and the reasons why weight loss happens in lung cancer patients. High high-calorie diet and proper diet plans are needed to deal with such a situation of a patient and a well-studied health support medication like Yangzheng xiaoji capsules can help patients deal with this condition.