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Our Funder

Professor Wu Yiling, an academician of CAE and the chief scientist of 2 China’s TCM research projects at the national level, has dedicated himself to the career of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 40 years and promoted the development and industrialization of TCM. Yiling Pharmaceutical was named after his name. 


As the founder and leader of Collateral Disease Theory, Professor Wu constructed a complete theoretical framework and published several monographs, including Syndromes and Treatment of Collateral Disease, Qi Collateralis Theory, as well as Theory of Meridians and Collaterals. Under his theory’s guidance, Wu, together with his team, has developed over 10 patented TCMs for treating various critical diseases. 

About Yiling Pharmaceutical

Yiling Pharmaceutical was established in 1992.  After years of fast development, it has grown into a listed company with 1 billion USD of net assets and 4 billion USD of market value.  So far, Yiling Pharmaceutical is one of China's 500 most valuable brands, China's top 10 traditional Chinese medicine companies, and has more than 10,000 employees. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a gem of the world, Yiling Pharmaceutical has been advancing on the road of promoting the internationalized innovative development of TCM. We hope that through our products, customers around the world will understand and love TCM culture more and more. To make the treasure of TCM benefit the world.

Continue to Explore the Innovation of TCM Products

Yiling Pharmaceutical is centered around the R&D of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) products, especially health supplements. Our main products are dedicated to improving such as cardio-cerebrovascular health, respiratory health, digestive health, endocrine health, immunological health, and urologic health.


We carry out clinical trials in a standardized and scientific manner, objectively evaluate the efficacy and safety of products, explore the applicable population, clinical application advantages, and functions of products, and continuously promote the R&D of new products. 

Strives to Build the First TCM Brand of Respiratory System Protection

Yiling Pharmaceutical is the brand owner of Lianhua Qingwen capsule, which has played an important role in the recent global respiratory issue. We also has developed a series of Lianhua respiratory health products with disinfection and protection effects, effectively cutting off such transmission channels of respiratory virus as "human-to-human transmission", "object-to-human transmission" and " aerosol-to-human transmission".