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Yililng Health

The beautiful mountains and rivers nourish all plants. And the authentic quality is passed down from ancient to modern. Visiting the Yiling Traditional Chinese Medicine Planting Base
Trusted By Billions Customers

Trusted By Billions Customers

As of now, our products have granted market access in nearly 30 countries and regions. We are continuously working to make our products available to more consumers.

Authentic Reviews From Many Political Leaders.

    On the second day after taking medicine, I began to sweat a lot, like taking a shower. Then I felt like a superman. No pain, no fever. All the symptoms went away. It's like nothing had happened.
    Benjamin Abalos Jr. - the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government of the Philippines
    Lianhua Qignwen cured 13 my families and employees, including my grandson and son-in-law. Thanks to LHQW, they all get recovered.
    Djoko, Suyanto - The former Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces
    Lianhua Qingwen plays a crucial role in my recovery.
    Hatred Zenenga - The senior editor of the Herald, the largest daily newspaper in Zimbabwe
    I was infected and taking Lianhua Qingwen. Now, he was almost recovered.
    Lorenzana - The 36th Secretary of National Defense of the Philippines
    Joint efforts of vaccine and Lianhua Qingwen have made contributions to the fight against the pandemic, including lowering the rate of severe symptoms and helping infected individuals regain health.
    Mam Bunheng - The minister of health of Cambodia

Yiling Pharma Introduction

With the development in more than 20 years, Yiling has formed three business blocks of modern Chinese medicine, chemical pharmacy and health industry by taking “Inheritance & Innovation and Benefiting Mankind” as the principle, regarding human health as the duty and taking society benefit as the vision.