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Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊
Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊

Xialiqi Capsules 夏荔芪膠囊

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Research Progress in the Treatment of BPH with Xialiqi

Original Science and Technology Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Prevention and Treatment of Prostate Diseases-Xialiqi Capsules.

lInnovative drugs with independent intellectual property rights developed under the guidance of the theory of collateral diseases-Qi collateral theory;

lThe formula combines “treating, tonifying, and removing”, and treats both symptoms and the root cause, reflects the advantages of treatment over traditional methods of clearing heat and promoting diuresis;

lResearch shows that Xialiqi can not only rapidly relieve symptoms such as urinary frequency, urgency urination and acraturesis, but also shrink glands and delay the progress of hyperplasia. It has the therapeutic advantage of quick fix and long-term nourishment, and is the best choice for clinical treatment of BPH.

Theoretical Innovation There Is a New Article in July 

“Research on the mechanism and innovative diagnosis and treatment strategies of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for prostate diseases”

First Prize of the Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine in 2020.

Key Technologies and Innovation Points

A new theory of “deficiency-diuresis-stasis” is proposed on prostate disease from the perspective of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine。

A traditional Chinese and western medicine syndrome differentiation system is established for prostate disease and the mechanism of disease progression is explained。

A new system of integrated diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases with traditional Chinese and western medicine is established。

A new drug for prostate disease, Xialiqi, is developed and industrialization is realized。

The Characteristics of Treatment with Xialiqi Formula from the Perspective of Qi Collateral Theory


The Characteristics of Treatment with Xialiqi Formula from the Perspective of Qi Collateral Theory

Characteristics of pathogenesis: Qi deficiency in the spleen and kidney, phlegm and blood stasis blocking collaterals;

Characteristics of the formula: Focus on regulation and nutrition and supplemented with removing stasis;

Principle of treatment: Invigorate spleen and benefit kidney, promote urination and remove stasis.

Treatment philosophy: Quick fix and long-term nourishment。

Significant Diuretic Effects, Increasing Urinary Na, K, C1 Ion Excretion of Xialiqi

ØEffect on Urinary Output in Water-loaded Rats

Result analysis: Xialiqi Capsules had diuretic effect among low, medium and high dose groups.

The diuretic effect was stronger at 2 h, indicating that Xialiqi can realize rapid urination (P <0.05)

Xialiqi is Anti-proliferative and Pro-apoptotic to Stop the Development of Prostatic Hyperplasia

ØXialiqi Regulates the Level of Proliferation/ Apoptosis Protein in Prostate Tissue

A: Blank Control Group; B: Model Control Group; C: Xialiqi High Dose Group; D: Xialiqi Low Dose Group; E: Finasteride Group

Serum DHT levels were significantly lower in the Finasteride and Xialiqi groups than that in the model group (P <0.01), but there was no significant difference between the high dose Xialiqi and Finasteride groups (P >0.05).

Prostate DHT levels were significantly lower in the Finasteride and Xialiqi groups (P <0.01)

Xialiqi can Reduce Prostate Weight/Index and Significantly Inhibit Prostate Cell Hyperplasia

Evidence-based Study Confirmed: Xialiqi can Effectively Reduce IPSS Score and Improve Treatment Response Rate.

Trial Facility: 5 Grade III Class A hospitals including Guanganmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science

Drug Administration in Groups: Treatment Group (330 cases): Xialiqi Capsules (3 capsules/time, 3 times/day)

Control Group (110 cases): Control drug (3 capsules/time, 3 times/day) Course of treatment: 4 weeks


Significant Reduction of IPSS Score and Significant Improvement of Clinical Symptoms

Increase of Maximum Urinary Flow Rate, Decrease of Residual Urine Volume, and Reduction of Prostate Size

Xialiqi Capsules Combined with Tamsulosin for the Treatment of BPH.

Significant Improvement of Clinical Symptoms with Less Adverse Effects

Sharing of Typical Cases of Xialiqi Capsules

ØOn November 8, 2018, the patient, male, 65 years old, reported more than 40 nocturnal urinations, acraturesis, few bladder fillings, and that he could not tolerate continuing to hold urine

pStudies have shown that administration at full dose and complete course of treatment can improve the efficacy

Administration of Xialiqi Capsules with 9 capsules/day for 4 weeks can reduce the IPSS score and Chinese medicine symptom complex score of BPH patients, increase the urinary flow rate, improve the quality of life of patients, and alleviate LUTS, with an overall response rate of 92.9%, which outperforms the Chinese medicine pr Qianlie Shule Granules (81.2%, 4 g, tid), with no significant adverse reactions and good safety

Prescription recommendation: Xialiqi Capsules, oral administration, 3 capsules/time, 3 times a day for 4 weeks as a course of treatment;

BPH patients who need long-term treatment can follow long-term administration.

Quick Fix and Long-term Nourishment Make Urination More Comfortable and Smooth.

Xialiqi Capsules for Urinary Frequency, Urinary Urgency and Poor Urination

Preferred Medication for Treatment of Prostate Disease


Drug Category



Mechanism of Action

Drug Characteristics

Adverse Reactions

5-α Reductase inhibitors


Reduce prostate size by lowering prostate and androgen levels in the body

6-months continuous application is required to take effect, and symptoms recur after discontinuation of medication;

Prostate volume less than 30 mL cannot be prevented and the effect on improving symptoms is poor.

It takes effect slowly, and it is required to take medicine for a long time, which may cause hormonal side effects such as sexual dysfunction and impotence.

② The FDA has announced on its official website that long-term use of 5-α Reductase inhibitors may increase the risk of developing high-grade prostate cancer.

α1-Adrenal receptor antagonist



Relieve the dynamic factors of bladder outlet obstruction caused by BPH by relaxing the smooth muscles of the prostate and urethra, to improve the symptoms of obstruction

Symptoms can be improved in a few days, but urodynamic indicators (prostate size, serum PSA level) cannot be changed, and the natural course of the disease cannot be altered.

① The symptoms are improved without shrinking the enlarged prostate gland, that is to say, it can only treat symptoms but not the root cause.

② It may lead to cardiovascular side effects, such as postural Hypotension, dizziness and headache.




The exact mechanism is not yet well understood

It can significantly improve LUTS, but has no significant effect on urodynamic changes

Facial flushing, gastroesophageal reflux, headache, and indigestion are typically common.

Plant medicine and traditional Chinese patent medicines

Xialiqi Capsules

Clear heat and treat stranguria, promote blood circulation and resolve blood stasis

Invigorate spleen and benefit kidney, remove stasis, and relieve pain

Traditional Chinese medicine has multiple components, multiple targets, and takes effect through overall regulation.

They have small side effects, no sexual dysfunction and feminization, especially for the treatment of primary and secondary prostatic hyperplasia.

High safety and minimal adverse reactions


About Yiling Pharmaceutical

Yiling Pharmaceutical was established in 1992. After years of fast development, it has grown into a listed company with 1 billion USD of net assets and 4 billion USD of market value. So far, Yiling Pharmaceutical is one of China's 500 most valuable brands, China's top 10 traditional Chinese medicine companies, and has more than 10,000 employees.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a gem of the world, Yiling Pharmaceutical has been advancing on the road of promoting the internationalized innovative development of TCM. We hope that through our products, customers around the world will understand and love TCM culture more and more. To make the treasure of TCM benefit the world.

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Yiling Pharmaceutical is centered around the R&D of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) products, especially health supplements. Our main products are dedicated to improving such as cardio-cerebrovascular health, respiratory health, digestive health, endocrine health, immunological health, and urologic health.

We carry out clinical trials in a standardized and scientific manner, objectively evaluate the efficacy and safety of products, explore the applicable population, clinical application advantages, and functions of products, and continuously promote the R&D of new products

Strives to Build the First TCM Brand of Respiratory System Protection

Yiling Pharmaceutical is the brand owner of Lianhua Qingwen capsule, which has played an important role in the recent global respiratory issue. We also has developed a series of Lianhua respiratory health products with disinfection and protection effects, effectively cutting off such transmission channels of respiratory virus as "human-to-human transmission", "object-to-human transmission" and " aerosol-to-human transmission".

Quality assurance is our core.

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66.7 million square meters self-own herb planting base to ensure raw materials' quality.

Herb safety under strict testing
Each Yiling product has to pass the comprehensive set of lab tests by GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certified lab before it reaches consumers.

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Manufactured in GMP certified facility, rigorous quality control is only for your health and well-being.

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