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Utilizing the Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Promote Healthy Aging

Oct 26,2023 | YILING

It is understood that Wu Yiling, an academician of the CAE Member, focused on the scientific issues of health care around the major needs of the healthy China strategy. Under the guidance of collateral diseases of traditional Chinese medicine, through years of in-depth research on Chinese traditional health culture, he combined the health care wisdom of the four health care schools of "Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and medicine", and refined the eight character meridian health care classics of "dredging collaterals - nourishing essence - moving form - calming mind". The Eight Character Classic of Tongluo Health Preservation is highly compatible with modern life sciences and will play a more important guiding role in achieving contemporary people's health, longevity, and disease free life.

According to Professor Wei Cong, the course of the Eight Character Classic of Tongluo Health Preservation includes four parts: "The body needs management, health needs management", "Chinese health schools", "Eight Character Health Preservation", and "Chronic Disease Management". How to manage health through science popularization in the section of "The body needs to be operated and health needs to be managed"; In the "Chinese Health Schools" section, explain the origin and flow of Chinese health preservation, with a focus on explaining the four major health preservation schools of "Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and medicine"; In the section on Eight Character Health Preservation, elaborate on the eight character classics of "Tongluo Health Preservation", "Nourishing Essence Health Preservation", "Dynamic Health Preservation", and "Jingshen Health Preservation" to guide health preservation knowledge; In the part of chronic disease management, "sub health", "nourishing and anti-aging", "cardiovascular disease health management", "cerebrovascular disease health management", "diabetes health management", "respiratory system disease health management", "urinary system disease and tumor health management" and other representative chronic diseases were selected to popularize the whole chain of health management knowledge.