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The Power of Seeds

May 22,2023 | YILING

When I was in primary school, I learned an article entitled "seed power" text, the article introduced the strong power of seeds, stone cracks, stones, it can be tenacious to drill out buds, and even the strength of its germination can separate people's skulls completely. The author says, "No one calls the grass a hercules, but its power is really no one. This force is the invisible life force that will manifest itself as long as life exists. This is the power of the seed."

 Based on eight seed drugs, we developed an innovative traditional Chinese medicine for tonifying kidney essence and anti-aging.

    "Materia Medica justice" has "where the son is solid, fill the Yin of the five Zang and Yiqi, where the son is heavy, Yiqi kidney and kidney Qi" discussion, in the Qi collaterals theory under the guidance of the development of eight Zi Bushen capsule, absorbed the essence of kidney medicine in the past dynasties, to the semen cuta, wolfberry, schisandra, snake bed, golden cherry, raspberry, leek seed, Sichuan melia seed and so on 8 kinds of seed medicine to fill kidney essence, This recipe also learned from the experience of Ye Tianshi in nourishing kidney and reinforcing kidney essence with fleshly and fleshly ingredients, combining with antler antler and seahorse, to complement the effect of nourishing kidney essence with Rehmannia nourishing kidney Yin, Herba medium, Euphorbia and cistanches warming and reinforcing kidney Yang. It is also compatible with ginseng. The combination of all kinds of drugs, special strength, can tonify the kidney to fill the essence, Xie Yin and Yang, warm and support the vitality of the body, enhance the vitality of the body, improve the vitality of life, delay the aging, is the kidney essence, anti-aging innovative traditional Chinese medicine

   What are the magic effects of these 8 seeds?

   Dodder seed has the effect of tonifying kidney and essence, nourishing liver and brightening eyes; Wolfberry has a very good effect of kidney tonifying and anti-aging, which is one of the top ten anti-aging drugs in traditional Chinese medicine. Schisandra has the effect of supplementing qi, strengthening Yin and improving essence. Modern pharmacological studies have proved that schisandrin and schisandrin phenol extracted from schisandrin have antioxidant effects, which can clear free radicals and inhibit the formation of lipid peroxide. Schisandrin can improve physical strength, eliminate fatigue, improve intelligence and improve work efficiency. Raspberry can treat frequent urination caused by kidney deficiency; Fructus cnidii has the effect of warming kidney and aphrodisiac. It has the effects of clearing heat, calming liver, promoting qi and relieving pain. Sakura chinensis is a famous medicine for tonifying the kidney and strengthening the essence. Modern pharmacological studies have proved that Sakura Chinensis extract can prolong the interval of urination. Leek seed has the function of warming kidney and aphrodisiac.

A series of progress has been made in anti-aging research of Bazi Bushen Capsule


Hou Yunlong, professor at the Anti-Aging Center of the National Key Laboratory for the Innovation and Transformation of Collaterals Theory, said in an interview: "Studies have confirmed that Bazi Bushen Capsule has a definite improvement effect on overall aging, functional decline of cardiovascular system, nervous system, motor system, reproductive system and other systems or age-related diseases, which can reverse the actual physiological age of aging mice and reduce the aging speed."


In the prevention and treatment of global aging and age-related diseases, it has been proved that Bazi Bushen capsule can enhance the ability to resist external stimulation and prolong the life of C. elegans. Improved frailty index and overall appearance phenotype of aging mice; By maintaining telomerase activity and prolonging telomeres, up-regulating longevity protein SIRT6 and down-regulating the expression of age-related protein P53, it exerts anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation effect on aging. Clinical studies have confirmed that Bazi Busshen capsule can significantly improve the symptom groups of kidney essence deficiency, such as waist and knee pain, exhaustion, forgetfulness, fatigue, fear of cold limbs, dizziness, tinnitus, hypolibido, etc.


World famous biomedical journal: Bazi Bushen capsule reduces DNA methylation age and reverses the life clock


Recently, a research paper entitled "Bazi Tonifying kidney delays natural aging mice epigenetic aging and prolonging their healthy life" was published in the authoritative journal of Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy in the international pharmaceutical field. According to the paper, the researchers have revealed for the first time the mechanism of action of Bazi Bushen Capsule, an innovative traditional Chinese medicine, by reversing DNA methylation senescence and delaying overall senescence, suggesting the great potential of the drug in the clinical application of prolonging healthy life, and providing a new idea for exploring the mechanism of action in the treatment of age-related diseases.

   World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies: Bazi Bushen is expected to become a representative of traditional Chinese medicine anti-aging Chinese patent medicine

   Launched by the Anti-Aging Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, the "Eight-child Anti-Aging and Hundred-city Popular Science Tour"

   According to the expert argumentative opinion of "Research on Anti-Aging of Bazi Bushen Capsule Guided by Qi and Collateral-collateral Theory" organized by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, "the preliminary research of this project has for the first time constructed the theory of invigorating Qi and spirit based on Qi and collateral-collateral theory, forming a new idea for anti-aging research; Patented traditional Chinese medicine Bazi Bushen capsule has been developed, which has the anti-aging effect of tonifying kidney and filling essence, regulating Yin and Yang, warming and supporting vitality, and nourishing body and spirit. It is expected to become a representative Chinese patent medicine for anti-aging of traditional Chinese medicine. These studies have combined traditional Chinese medicine theoretical innovation with modern science and technology, made significant progress in TCM anti-aging research, produced important original results, and laid a solid foundation for further research in the future."

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