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Scientific Anti-Aging! Bazi Bushen Capsule was Selected as China OTC Brand Month Promotion Brand

Jul 24,2023 | YILING

  On July 21, the "China's 6th OTC Brand Promotion Month" activity jointly organized by the China Over-the-counter Drug Association and the China Pharmaceutical News and Information Association kicked off in Kunming, Yunnan Province. The patented drug Bazi Bushen capsule developed and produced by Yiling Pharmaceutical was selected as the OTC brand Promotion Month for its new achievements in anti-aging research.

With the theme of "Escort public health, abide by the assured brand", the activity always adheres to authority and credibility, and jointly carries out responsibilities and responsibilities with brand enterprises, brand chains, authoritative media and other institutions, continues to promote the healthy development of OTC brands in China, and selects brand-name drugs that people are assured of.


Anti-aging is a topic of great public concern in recent years. Wrinkles around the eyes, sagging skin, grey hair on top of the head and sore back are all reminders that our bodies are getting older. With the growth of age, the human body's cells and tissues and organs degenerate and aging, long-term staying up late, smoking and drinking, lack of exercise and too much pressure and other bad habits may accelerate the aging process. Facing these problems, experts and scholars in the field of life science are actively looking for effective solutions.


Bazi Bushen capsule has made new achievements in anti-aging and related disease prevention research by digging into the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine and combining with modern medical research. According to the theory of Qi and collaterals in traditional Chinese medicine, "kidney and essence deficiency" is the root of aging, "Qi deficiency" is the key to aging, and "body and spirit depletion" is the pathogenesis of aging. Based on this, the patent tonifying kidney anti-aging Chinese medicine eight Zi tonifying kidney capsule was developed, with semen cuscuta, wolfberry, schisandra and other eight tonifying kidney essence seed medicine as the core of the formula, adding rehmannia tonifying kidney Yin, antler antler, hippocampus and other tonifying kidney Yang, ginseng fuqi, the whole formula has the function of tonifying kidney essence, Xie Li Yin and Yang, warm Fuqi, and nourishing the body and spirit.


Recently, a paper entitled "Bazi Tonifying kidney delays epigenetic aging in naturally aging mice and extends their healthy life span" was published in the international pharmaceutical field SCI journal "biomedicine&Pharmacotherapy" (impact factor 7.419). The results of this study showed that Bazi Bushen capsule can improve the memory and muscle endurance of naturally aged mice, reverse the age-related methylation changes of naturally aged mice, significantly reduce their DNA methylation age and extend their healthy life span. This study reveals for the first time the mechanism of action of Bazi Bushen capsule in delaying overall aging by reversing DNA methylation aging, suggesting the great potential of the drug in the clinical application of prolonging healthy life, and providing new ideas for exploring the mechanism of action in the treatment of age-related diseases.


In addition to intervening DNA methylation to delay overall aging, research by national scientific research institutions such as Nanjing Medical University, Harbin Medical University, Jinan University, Shandong University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, and the Anti-Aging Center of the National Key Laboratory for the Innovation and Transformation of Collateralized Diseases Theory found that Bazi Bushan capsule has the function of systematic intervention and comprehensive anti-aging for the functional decline of digestive, circulation, nervous, immune, respiratory, skin and other systems. It can significantly improve the symptoms of aging, improve the quality of life, enhance athletic ability and endurance, and also show unique advantages.


The OTC Brand Promotion Month activity, based on the health needs of Chinese people such as anti-aging, continues to empower the development of healthy brands, promote the continuous development of China's health industry, and provide full support for the long-term development of China's pharmaceutical industry. It is believed that there will be more research results in the future, help the health brand landing, so that the enterprise quality medicine really into the hearts of the people.