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Is Looking 10 Years Younger a Dream?

Jun 09,2023 | YILING

TCM Anti Age secret:

Anti-aging Needs Nourishment of the Kidney Bazi Bushen Capsule,  

    Kidney Essence-"Lamp Oil" of Life

  • Different from the kidney of Western medicine, Chinese medicine believe the kidney is the innate foundation. It is in charge of storing essence, reproduction, bone growth and marrow generation, hair conditionhearing and even the defecation.
  • 1.The essence contained in the kidney is the source of life and the source of power for various functions of the human body. Its prosperity and decline are related to the whole process of human beings’life-birth, growth, strength and oldness.

  • Deficiency of primordial qi is the key to aging;
  • The true meaning of tonifying the kidneys and resisting aging is to nourish the kidney essence that is constantly lost with life passing, just like replenishing the oil to the oil lamp, so that the fire of life keeps flowing, and avoid "the oil runs out of lamp".
    • Deficiency of kidney essence is the root of aging;
    • Deficiency of primordial qi is the key to aging;
    • Loss of form and spirit is the manifestation of aging.


If you want to resist aging, you must first tonify the kidney! Bazi Bushen Capsule-

Fundamentally Solve the Problems of Aging and Premature Aging

Bazi Bushen Capsule Formula-Reuse Subclass and Animal Drugs to Fill Kidney Essence and Supplement of Kidney Motility. 

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