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How to Deal with Immune Aging Effectively?

Jul 17,2023 | YILING

   When people reach the middle and old age, why will the incidence of various diseases also rise? "This is actually an important feature of how the immune response in healthy people changes with age." At the academic seminar of the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Geriatric Diseases held recently, Professor Wen Yumei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the aging trend of the population is severe, if you want to achieve healthy aging, you must face a problem: how to effectively deal with immune aging?

   The human immune system is made up of many different cells and is a very important system. The immune response is divided into two stages, namely the innate immune response stage and the acquired immune response stage. In the innate immune response stage, no matter what kind of virus invents, the body will start the same process, because it cannot distinguish the specificity of the virus, so it cannot produce a good immune agent. In the acquired immune response stage, B cells and T cells are mainly involved, which are humoral immunity and cellular immunity respectively. B cells and T cells also have a significant feature, that is, antibodies and T cells still exist after infection, thus forming immune memory and building an important barrier for the body to resist the invasion of external bacteria and viruses. As people age, there are more and more "old T cells" and fewer and fewer "new T cells" in the body. "Old T cells" gradually lose their ability to judge, send out more and more false signals, create immune imbalances or give the body an immune response it does not need.

   As people age, immune cells gradually lose their ability to clear pathogens and cancer cells. This phenomenon is often referred to as immune senescence, 80 years old people are 60 years old immune age, will not suffer from tumor-related diseases, human cells have "mutiny" every day, leading to the occurrence of tumors, the immune system is like a "police" to catch and kill it, but once the immune function is reduced, inflammation, tumors will come, immune senescence affects the effectiveness of vaccination for the elderly. Increased morbidity and mortality from immune system diseases such as tumors.

   As one of the key groups of medical treatment, how to better treat the elderly, especially the elderly? Wen Yumei believes that in the long-term layout for the future, geriatric medicine is an essential part of the plan, "we should pay more attention to and strengthen the prevention and treatment of geriatric diseases, especially strengthen the innovative scientific research of geriatric medicine, and set up specialized training talents." Let the elderly step forward to have "medical reliance", step back to have reliance, and explore the entire management of elderly health.

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