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Chinese Medicine Dampness | Basics, Reasons, and Remedies

Oct 11,2023 | YILING

What is body dampness? Chinese medicine dampness explanation is discussed in this article along with the reasons why it happens and how to avoid it. 


What is Body Dampness?

Most of the time, when we consider what "damp" and "dry" mean, we're thinking about how recently we used our bath towels or how the weather is outside. Traditional Chinese medicine contends that there is much more to these ideas than what is happening externally. According to them, the phrase "Dampness" is used to describe a variety of diseases, including acne, sluggishness, migraines, numerous digestive problems, and sore joints and limbs. 


Historically, viscosity and stagnation have been associated with moisture. Therefore, sickness caused by moisture Yin in nature is the cause as it easily causes Qi stagnation in the body and harms the Yang. This indicates that moisture (Yin property) slows down all bodily activities and circulation (Yang property). And when bodily motions and circulations are hampered, obstructions that follow lead to various diseases and illnesses. You might feel damp in your body when you wake up if you've been experiencing the Midwest's recent deluge. 

Is Body Dampness Dangerous?

Most common symptoms originate in the spleen and digestive system when one has body dampness, then build up and cause stagnation throughout the body especially leading to heart failures. The symptoms of stagnation include unwelcome weight gain, bloating, low energy, loose stools, and phlegmy lungs. And too much moisture is thought to be a factor in yeast infections, joint inflammation, cystic acne, and sinus infections. 


How to avoid Body Dampness?

According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, it is recommended to avoid eating heavy, oily cuisine and drinking iced beverages, especially if you live in a humid region or during periods of rain. Cooked asparagus, barley, red beans, oats, brown rice, roasted meats, carrots, and green tea are among the foods that can help the disease. Increase your intake of onions, ginger, garlic, and other savory spices to encourage the flow of your digestive Qi. Many persons who have severe body dampness lack exercise. It may be challenging for some people to move their bodies and exercise since they frequently feel heavy and weak and have little energy. Moderate exercise can assist. So, to avoid dampness, exercise is a must. 


Chinese medicine dampness experts explain that foods that are heavy, rich, sweet, and dairy products are recognized to have a dampness-like sensation. By ingesting such foods, one is essentially just putting moisture into the body, which slows down digestion, causes indigestion, and eventually leads to the development of more moisture from other foods. 


Also, the eating schedules need to be checked as well. The Stomach and Spleen times, according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Body Clock hypothesis, are from 7 to 9 and from 9 to 11 respectively. Food is processed and digested most effectively when consumed at this time. However, regularly skipping breakfast or eating at less-than-ideal times, like late at night, may cause the food to not be entirely digested, which will cause it to retain moisture and hinder the digestive system even more. 


The highly processed diet and readily available food products in modern culture make it very typical for people to retain moisture in their bodies. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and a lack of self-care expertise made it harder than it should have been to get rid of the dampness. Traditional therapies remain the primary method for completely removing moisture, even though lifestyle choices can aid to some extent. 


Chinese medicine dampness experts recommend opting for high-quality and fully organic medicine and supplements that are specially created to deal with dampness and are from a traditional Chinese medicine company.



Chinese medicine dampness explanation and other related concepts were discussed here. It can be concluded that to help restore your body to its proper equilibrium, eating healthy foods, lots of water to keep the digestive system working, and proper exercise will help you get back into balance if you are experiencing dampness. Eating things like pears, apples, mushrooms, honey, eggs, bean sprouts, and millet will probably be advised for dryness. Additionally, you'll probably be advised to stay away from low-calorie diets, consume foods that have been lightly cooked or steamed, and drink plenty of water.