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Aging, the biggest "crisis" of middle-aged people!

May 25,2023 | YILING

  DNA methylation is the key to cracking the aging code.

  What is DNA methylation? The first thing to understand is the problem of heredity.

    We all know that "inheritance" refers to the transmission of genes from parents to children. Changes in gene sequence lead to changes in gene expression levels.

    Another type of "epigenetic inheritance" changes the level of gene expression without changing the sequence of genes, which is influenced by the environment.

    DNA methylation is an important epigenetic modification mode, which plays an important role in cell differentiation, gene expression regulation and chromatin structural stability. We can understand that genes are coated with many "markers", "methylation" is one of the "markers", to a certain extent, can determine whether the gene in the cell function.

     As people get older, some genes become more methylated, while others become less methylated, in a floating state. Based on the fluctuating nature of this methylation marker, the researchers were able to use machine learning to develop a methylation clock to determine the biological age of an organism.

   The younger the methylation clock suggests, the less likely the body is to age.

   According to a recent research paper titled "Bazi Tonifying Kidney delays epigenetic aging and prolonging Healthy Life in naturally aged Mice," published in the international pharmaceutical science journal Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, A drug called Bazi Bushen can slow the overall aging process by regulating DNA methylation levels.

   The researchers conducted a series of studies on mice using behavioral tests, weakness index assessment, liver DNA methylation group sequencing, and methylation age estimation.

   The methylation age of the mice that received Bazi tonifying kidney was actually 63 weeks old (equivalent to about 50 years in humans) after 11 weeks of administration, but the methylation age of the mice was actually reversed to 37 weeks old (equivalent to about 35 years in humans), a full 15 years younger.

   The Research team found that transcription levels of the methylase DNMT1 and demethylase Tet1 in the livers of the older mice were significantly down-regulated compared with those of the younger mice. The level of DNMT1 in Bazi Bushen group was increased. It also upregulates Sirt3-FOXO1 and DNA repair pathways in mice and reverses age-related declines in DNA methylation in mice.


   And a series of studies also confirmed that, in addition to the overall aging, Bazi tonifying kidney has shown a definite improvement effect on cardiovascular, nervous, skeletal, muscle, reproductive system functional decline and age-related diseases.

   The foundation of eight Zi tonifying kidney and anti-aging is supported by the theory of Qi collaterals in traditional Chinese medicine.

   Essence is the origin of life, qi is the driving force of life, and God is the embodiment of life, said Wu Yiling, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, at the 2023 China Health Promotion and Health Industry High-quality Development Forum held earlier. He pointed out the core mechanism of aging: the deficiency of kidney and essence is the root of aging, the deficiency of vitality is the key of aging, and the depletion of body and spirit is the manifestation of aging. Anti - aging in the kidney filling, warm help Qi, nourishing the body and spirit.

   Bazi Bushen Capsule is just under the guidance of the theory of qi and colluses theory and Qi and spirit theory. It has carried out a systematic study on the prescription of tonifying kidney in 2000, inherited and innovated. The medicine is with dodder seed, wolfberry, schisandra and other eight tonifying kidney essence as the core of the prescription, on the basis of adding rehmannia kidney Yin, deer antler, hippocampus and other kidney Yang, ginseng to help the vitality. The whole prescription tonifying kidney filling essence, Xie Li Yin and Yang, warm help the vitality, nourishing the spirit, fully in line with the theory of Qi and spirit.

     As Uncle Liu and others complained, people in grade, energy is not enough. If we want to improve this situation completely, we can take the core anti-aging mechanism of "tonifying kidney and filling essence".

   Maybe the midlife "crisis" isn't as bad as we think, and there's a way to help. The emergence of effective intervention methods such as tonifying kidney by eight children may provide a second chance for the middle-aged and elderly groups, and it is no longer an extravagant hope to rebuild a healthy life.


Start from science anti - aging, explore more secrets of life together!

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