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What does Cancer Patient Eat at Ordinary Diet

May 19,2023 | YILING

   The diet of cancer patients has always been a topic of concern. In terms of diet, we should pay attention to three aspects:

   First, do not force patients to carry out blind supplements, sometimes blind supplements will lead to patients with decreasing appetite, nausea, vomiting, physical decline, and finally can not continue treatment. For cancer patients, patients can be provided with delicious, easy to digest, patients love food, so the effect is better.

   Second, to light, but also do not deliberately taboo spicy, green vegetables, crude fiber food intake is very important, spicy food appropriate control can, do not have to blindly taboo.

   Third, reduce the burden of the stomach, cancer patients generally after a long process of radiotherapy,chemotherapy, physical consumption is relatively large, mental also bear relatively large pressure, this time the diet must pay attention to reduce the burden of the stomach. The most taboo is big fish and big meat supplement, not only can not absorb, and easy to increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract, but reduce the absorption efficiency of nutrition.