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What are True Beam Radiation Side Effects | Is it Safe?

Aug 22,2023 | YILING

This article talks about the true beam radiation side effects, its basics, and its advantages. Let's learn about it. 


What is True Beam?

It is a very advanced and modern medical linear accelerator system and is used in radiation oncology especially to eliminate cancer tissues from our bodies. Originally developed by Varian Medical Systems, this tech delivers radiation therapy with extreme precision in our bodies. Also, it has ultra-fast speeds and is known for its extreme adaptability capabilities. This technology is designed to target cancerous tumors while making sure that it doesn't damage surrounding healthy tissues protecting the healthy body system while treating cancer. 


So, how it works? It uses sophisticated imaging and targeting capabilities and also employs advanced Image-Guided Radiation Therapy with onboard imaging systems. This onboard system is usually Cone Beam CT for real-time visualization of the tumor before the actual initialization of the treatment itself.


By using this sophisticated tech on board, the resultant beam can be with varying intensities and shapes. This ensures that the beam going into the body is of extremely accurate dose conformality and will deliver faster treatment to the patient. 


Significant True Beam Radiation Side Effects

Although it is very advanced and precise, still it comes with side effects, although their severity and occurrence can vary from one person to another. Most common problems include fatigue, which may range from mild to more pronounced in some. This fatigue can persist during and after treatment for many hours and can cause trouble for already sickened patients. 


Another common problem associated with this radiation procedure is skin reaction which is also very common. Patients will get their treated area possibly becoming red, dry, itchy, or sensitive, resembling a sunburn or developing a severe rash in the end. Another common problem with such procedures is complete hair loss or partial hair loss which might occur in the region being treated, particularly when radiation targets the head.


True beam radiation side effects can also be long-term as well. Including fibrosis which is the thickening and scarring of tissues. Patients can get changes in skin pigmentation levels permanently. In worse cases, patients can also get damage to nearby organs in their body as well. 


But don't be too scared as the risk of long-term effects on one's body is dependent on the radiation dose and the number of specific organs involved in the radiation exposure. To reduce these side effects, most professional medical teams closely monitor their patients and their nearby organs. They also provide supportive care to alleviate any discomfort or further complications in the body.


Very open and clear communication with healthcare providers is encouraged during the start of the process. This will address any true beam radiation side effects experienced during and after the treatment of cancer. The primary objective of this radiation therapy remains to effectively treat cancer while minimizing side effects and enhancing the patient's overall quality of life. We also recommend keeping your body in a good state while such treatments and for that we recommend Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsules which have shown significant results in tumor angiogenesis and metastasis, and improve the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer.


Cancer patients who undergo this procedure may also experience nausea and serious digestive issues. This can include diarrhea which is depending on the treatment area during the treatment. One can also have swelling which could occur if the treatment is near lymph nodes or bodies. Additionally, this radiation introduced in the body can temporarily impact blood cell counts due to its effect on bone marrow. This can also increase the risk of infection, anemia, and bleeding. Nevertheless, these effects are typically temporary and subside after treatment.



We can conclude by saying that this laser procedure is effective but true beam radiation side effects are quite significant. This laser treatment incorporates motion management techniques to handle body tumor movements that are caused by breathing. They can also be caused by other patient motions, protecting healthy tissues and also enhancing the entire treatment precision. this technique's versatility, overall efficiency, and total ability to treat complex cases significantly improved cancer treatment, and the outcomes while minimizing side effects for patients are much better than other procedures we were using before.