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Is Hair loss a sign of Breast Cancer | Debunking Medical Facts

Dec 22,2023 | YILING

Is hair loss a sign of breast cancer or it is caused by something else when suffering from cancer? This article explains all of that.



Cancer is a broad category of illnesses that all have the characteristic of developing from normal cells into malignant cells that proliferate and spread. When one or more genes change and produce malignant cells, cancer begins to appear in our body and these cancerous cells can separate from tumors and spread throughout your body through the lymphatic or circulatory systems. One of the most common and serious forms of cancer is breast cancer found in females. This article explores the basics of breast cancer and the question "Is hair loss a sign of breast cancer" . 


What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer arises from the mutation of breast cells into malignant cells, which proliferate and give rise to tumors spreading to other parts of the female body. An invasive breast cancer is one in which the tumor spreads to other parts of the body, accounting for around 80% of cases in the world at the time of writing. 


This type of cancer often affects women and persons assigned female at birth (AFAB) who are 50 years of age or older, although it can also strike younger women and males and people assigned male at birth. Medical professionals may use chemotherapy to eradicate malignant cells or surgery to remove tumors to treat breast cancer. Certain signs of breast cancer are highly identifiable and others can only appear to be distinct sections of your breast from the rest. 


Is hair loss a sign of breast cancer

A lot of people search online whether breast cancer also impacts hair on the scalp but the reality is that it doesn't but the treatments involved in this type of cancer can affect your hair situation. Strong medication and chemotherapy treatments are directly responsible for this and this can be either partial or total. Hair thinning or loss may result from the start of the medical therapies.


In addition to hair loss on the head, this can also impact hair on your body, such as the lashes, eyebrows, pubic, and nasal but not every chemotherapy treatment will cause hair loss. Certain medications cause hair to thin, while others don't cause any hair loss.


So how does this hair loss happen? well, chemotherapy stops cancer cells from proliferating and dividing, which leads to their destruction. It can damage healthy cells in the body throughout, including the cells that make up hair follicles.  


The kind and dosage of the medications you are prescribed will determine how much hair you lose. Hair loss is less common with medications that are taken orally or in fewer weekly dosages. You will be highly prone to experiencing hair loss if you are taking any chemotherapy medications. You will have a conversation with your treatment team about your course of therapy and your likelihood of hair loss.


So, hair loss is not a sign of breast cancer but a side effect of its treatment. But this does not mean that you cannot do anything to save your hair during such conditions. Some doctors suggest scalp cooling which may prevent you from losing part or all of the hair on your head during chemotherapy. This method lowers the quantity of chemotherapy medications that reach the hair follicles by decreasing blood flow to them.


However, you are advised to use a gentle, fragrance-free shampoo and conditioner during and after such treatments and also try not to wash your hair less than once every 10 days or more than twice a week.  Use warm water instead of hot to ensure that your hair is not damaged in any way.


For patients with breast cancer, hair loss is often combined with weight loss as well which significantly affects the patient’s ability to deal with breast cancer. It is recommended to include Yangzheng xiaoji capsules in their daily nutrition plan as this medication will significantly help them to maintain weight and help fight this illness. This drug works by promoting appetite in patients who suffer from weight loss during chemotherapies and other strong medications. In a timeframe of 1-2 weeks, the appetite, diet, weight gain, and physical strength of patients are significantly increased, and patients can deal with this illness more strongly and easily. It should also be noted that maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for lowering the risk of breast cancer as well as other chronic illnesses that can worsen the prognosis and raise the risk of breast cancer.


To conclude the answer to the question "Is hair loss a sign of breast cancer" can be stated that it is not but treatment of this cancer results in hair loss. Pharmaceutical procedures known as chemotherapy treatments target the fast-proliferating cancer cells. These medications also target your body's other fast-proliferating cells, including the ones in the roots of your hair. A common side effect of breast cancer therapy is hair loss, either partial or total.